Wednesday, August 6, 2014

2014-2015 Curriculum Choices

This year I have a 6th grader, 1st grader, preschooler, and toddler.

To recap: 

Our 6th grader, now going by her new chosen name of "Ana" (pronounced like the girl from Frozen...those of you who know how I feel about Frozen can feel free to laugh now) is being adopted this month *God-willing*. She is 12 and is hearing impaired and has other specific learning disabilities, likely including dyslexia, that we're hoping to uncover soon so we can figure out how best to help her learn. So that affects her curriculum choices.

Our 1st grader, Tobias, is 6 and extremely academic. He'll be working ahead in most subjects per usual. 

Our preschooler, Peter, turns 4 in November and so far doesn't even know his letters. This will be his first year being included in homeschooling because last year he begged for his own books. So to keep him from stealing big brother's math workbooks I'm getting him some stuff of his own :)

Our toddler, Tahlia, turns 2 in November, which basically means her entire purpose in life has become to make messes, climb on things, distract us, beg for food, and generally remind us that obviously she is far more important than silly things like multiplication tables.

So here is what we're doing this year:

Ana: Orton-Gillingham Reading and Spelling (last year we used Barton program, which I highly recommend but which is outside our budget this year). I'll be pulling from Barton's free online practice pages, Wilson Readers, the Solving Language Difficulties book, and Fran Bowman's O-G system

*I have a computer program that allows me to make my own handwriting worksheets*
Ana: cursive practice pages
Tobias: d'nealian practice pages

Ana: DynamoMaths, a computer-based remedial math program to help number sense in students, particularly those with dyscalculia. Then she will move on to Math Mammoth 2 or Math Mammoth 3, depending on how far DynamoMaths gets her.

ALL: Catholic Heritage Curricula's Explore the Continents and Map Skills B

ALL: Weekly Unit Studies covering volcanoes, weather, and habitats. We're mostly using the Let's Read and Find Out Science series of books and The Magic Schoolbus DVD's and science observation notebooks


I'm keeping everything for this year on one shelf in the homeschool room. Each child also has a binder for the current school year and a binder for their previous years' records. That's where I keep important things from previous school district portfolios, assessments, Ana's old school grades, etc.

If you want to check out what other homeschoolers are using for curriculum this year, check out the ihomeschool network's 6th Annual (Not) Back to School Blog Hop.

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  1. Have a wonderful year and blessings on your adoption. We have adopted two from the foster care system.
    Blessings, Dawn