Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Sneak Peak

I have an exciting sort-of-new project to share with you...

Well, this Summer I'll be releasing a 2014-2015 Catholic Planner for the new school year!  AND the big news?

This planner will be available in hard copy!  Like you can click to order and it will magically appear at your house (after normal USPS shipping times) all printed and bound and ready to go. No printing required, no hole punching or anything. I will make a cheaper printable version available for those who would like to print their own to save money or just because they like standing and watching their printer make dinosaur noises as it prints out shiny new pages...

There are a few new cool features and a slightly updated design. One big unique feature will be articles by your favorite (okay okay, MY favorite) Catholic bloggers and other cool Catholics I've coerced convinced to contribute. A new article for each month to hopefully inspire, interest, and encourage you in your faith and vocation as a mom!

Like Kendra Tierney, Jen Dunlap, and Father Steve Vallelonga, my former priest (from our two-year stay in West Virginia) who happens to be a very good preacher and who my eldest son just adored. 

Want a sneak peak at the actual design?  Well this is just a fraction of it but this cover is a good hint of the style that the rest of the planner follows... 

What do you think? Is anyone else excited about this? Because I am. I can't wait to finish the planner and get some hard copies made. Mostly I'm *selfishly* excited to use it myself!

And while we're talking planners, what are your favorite features in a planner? Do you tend towards the pretty ones or the simple and sensible ones?


  1. Vertical days and feast days are my favorites in your planner!