Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Couple of Heart Sewing Projects

As I mentioned before, my preferred treatment for Cabin Fever is a generous dose of craftiness. Sewing in particular. 

Now I'm supposed to be working on a baby quilt for my friend, but the quilt and I are having a fight so I cheated on it and directed my attention to making the girls some cute little tunic tops.

Daisy's was particularly interesting because I just sort of made it up as I went along. 

First I was doing something like this....

And while that looks adorable on the floor, it didn't look truly great on her because, well, she has hips and stuff. This would look fantastic on those really stick-thin tweens with no curves though.

So I went back to the drawing board and realized it needed more waist definition and more flare across the stomach and hips.  Which left me with this...

Success! It fit her well and she liked it. My stitching is by no means perfect son don't imagine this doesn't look homemade, cause it kinda does. But it doesn't scream "MY HOMESCHOOLING MOTHER MADE ME THIS DRESS BECAUSE WE ARE POOR" which is really all I ask of it. That it quietly whisper "oh yeah, and my mom made this because she loves me. She's not perfect but gosh I'm so cute you don't notice the occasional wonky seam" ;)

The matching leggings on the other hand were a royal disaster. I was trying to use some thin elastic I had in my stash and I don't even know what went wrong besides everything.

And no it didn't even fit so she can't just hide the waistband under the top. So this is a fail and will likely become something for Tahlia...or some headbands for me and Daisy.

I think the top looks best with her skinny jeans. Isn't she adorable? This is 'so' Daisy. Fun, young, girly, and comfortable.

And of course little sister got in on the action with a matching top using the Tahlia Tunic Top Pattern. I used the 2T thinking she might be outgrowing the 18 month one but she's petite and the neckline is a tad too big. It still fits right now but it'll look perfect this spring I think. And yes I promise someday I'll have that pattern uploaded for everyone to try out themselves. I just have some very busy testers and I don't want to publish it until I'm sure the sizing works out. I'm leaning towards making the sleeves a bit longer, the 2T sleeves look perfect on Tahlia but the rest seems a tiny bit too big. Or maybe I just need to take in the neckline a bit?

Daisy loved her top so much she wore it the rest of the afternoon and the next day to her court date.

Speaking of her court date, we had a good one! It was a crazy long drive to go 3.5 hours away for it but we made it (ahem: extremely late) and the actual court appointment went well. Her goal is being changed to permanent placement/adoption since all kinship placements have been ruled out. There are lots of details associated with terminating parental rights, etc. but essentially what this all means is that we can hope for an adoption finalization date in September. It would be kind of neat to adopt her exactly 1 year after she moved in since she moved in this past September :)

Oh, and she got to see her sisters which was great! All three girls are just so pretty! The baby is getting big and her older sister seems to be behaving herself (for the most part). It looks like her baby sister, whose parental rights have already been terminated, will be adopted this spring if everything goes well! I'm so happy for her and for her foster parents, it's a rarity to get placed with a healthy baby at birth and adopt her before her first birthday!


  1. Lovely!!! Just such a sweet top! Great shots too.....good news about the girls. xoxoxo

    Amanda, I also wanted to tell you that you're the rafflecopter winner of my giveaway...the e book called Intentional Marriage. Congrats! I am not sure if Crystal or I I will be sending the book to you....but you'll receive it soon.:)

    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks Chris, I'm excited to read the book, I've been seeing lots of people mentioning it and have been curious!