Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes: In Which I am Random


Okay, not to beat a dead horse here, but I am D-O-N-E with Winter! Particularly January. I mean, really why does it exist anyway? In my mind the seasons go like this

Summer (ie, the time when I DIE FROM THE HEAT)
Autumn (ie, as close as it gets to heaven on Earth)
...and back to Lent.

Winter sounds nice in Christmas but after Christmas it really should be done. January and February are crap months. Worthless. And Valentine's Day? Merely a way to make single people feel miserable because they don't have anyone to date and to make married people feel like failures because they don't have any time to take their someone on a date. So either way it's a lose-lose situation. March is good for its sacrificial properties that make it perfect for Lent. Lots of opportunities for offering little sacrifices up to God.

Slushy snow in your boots? ...offer it up
100th day of cold weather? ....offer it up
Missing sunshine?  ......offer it up
Son tearing a hole in his 10th pair of jeans for the year? ....offer it up
Too tired to homeschool anymore? ....offer it up

You get the point. If I make it to heaven it'll mostly be due to March and Peter (not the saint, my 3 year old), the main sanctifying elements in my life.


Has anyone solved the holes-in-the-jeans mystery by the way? My 5 year old is a mess! He can destroy a new pair of jeans in 4 weeks flat. Trying more expensive brands like Gap leads to a whopping 6 weeks before he destroys them. Sear's iron-knee jeans lasted less than 2 weeks. I'm not even kidding. And it's always the left knee, why is it always the left knee???


 (my minivan in the invisible driveway...note the unplowed, hilly alleyway and MORE THAN 2 INCHES OF SNOW)

In other winter news, the entire state of Georgia needs to MAN-UP! I don't care if you're a woman, you still need to man up. Everyone in Georgia should make a study of the Art of Manliness. I'm pretty sure those guys would not act like such idiots that they clogged up the highways so that a woman had to give birth on the side of the road and my father-in-law almost missed his own mother's funeral. 

I lived in Georgia from the age of 11 until the age of 22. I learned to drive there. And since moving I have lived in Minnesota, rural West Virginia, and Pennsylvania and NEVER have I gotten my car stuck. And I'm a crappy driver, truly, I am no expert. So if I can manage to live 5 years in all those places and keep from causing a state of emergency surely the grown men and women of Georgia can as well. My back alley is entirely ice with a light sprinkling of snow on it (if we're lucky) from December through March. And it's a hill. Yet I manage to drive up it on a regular basis in my non-4-wheel-drive Kia minivan. 

Again, man up Georgia!


I'm officially freaking out about homeschooling Daisy and Tobias. This is about the time of year that makes homeschoolers start touring local schools and changing curriculums. It's a rough time of year anyway. And now, when my confidence is at an all time low, is when I'm going to add a 12 year old with special needs? Oy! I have her last IEP meeting in 45 minutes, which should be interesting. Do I dare confess to them that we're pulling her out right after the Valentine's Day party? 


Because I'm having to plan for homeschooling rather last minute I decided I'd find a pre-made homeschool planner on mid-year sale. This review had me sold on it. I ordered it Tuesday and it arrived just now! I'm so happy, it looks great and I'm excited to fill it in and have everything well organized for the remainder of the school year with two students. 


Also, I finally caught Tahlia standing on camera! She and Peter were busy playing in their own little band. 


If you're not sure if you're suffering from cabin fever please go check this out.   It's like my life in pictures. Except my kids aren't old enough or accommodating enough to go along with taking silly pictures of me staring out of the window in despair or drowning in mountains of laundry. Someday when my great-grandkids want to know what life was like back in the WINTER OF 2014 I will direct them to Kelly's post. 


  1. Hi Amamda!
    First of all your kids are just ADORABLE!! I remember ugly winters when mine were tiny ones too and they were tough! As they've gotten older tho, being stuck inside isn't so bad. They can occupy themselves better; they're not crazy about going out anyway, OR they Do go out, even on ice and snow to shoot hoops or run around ( by themselves, of course! I'm not a winter person either!)

    I so identify with your seasons...I do believe we have a TON on common i that regard! In fact, usually, or Christmas tree comes down in harmony with the Lenten decorations and activities going up and being available! I have to confess that our tree is still up! On Feb 1st! January stunk around here.. Stomach bugs ( you too, I remember) colds and flu, plus no heat ) our furnace just got fixed on Tues which meant sleepless nights with space heaters by pipes on outside walls!! No more of THAT luckily!) and single digits mean we couldn't;'t even enjoy our tree and santa's gifts underneath until this week when everyone finally seemed to emerge from the sicknesses and the den was inhabitable again ! So, I welcome Feb too! But my sentiments exactly on Val Day! I do love celebrating it now with the kids though! Pre kids, no dice on celebrating.

    Thanks for the fun QTs! And I hope all went smoothly at the CSE meeting! Good luck on pulling your dd out in a few weeks!! Good for you!

    Have a great weekend!''xoxoox "See" you soon:)

  2. Yes, I keep holding out hope that winter with older kids is better! I can't believe your heat broke, that's awful! And on top of sickness? ugh, I'm thinking we both need a vacation down south...but not in Georgia ;)